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Abel Tent 1- Green

$190.00 $375.00


This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Abel 1 This set is perfect for young explorers and children who want to get to know Abel. This set is ideal for younger children 5 large triangle sheets, and 1 tent post make this set easy to use. Abel 1 allows you to easily build your tent in a number of different ways.

Contents Set

  • 1 bag
  • 5 large triangular fabric sheets (160cm. x 110 cm.)
  • 1 tent pole (135 cm.)
  • 1 ring
  • 2 buddies
  • 1 base and 7 tent pegs

Package measurements:

  • 136cm x 28cm x 8cm.

Package weight:

  • Abel 1 with tent pegs: 3,2 Kg

PLEASE NOTE: Due to its size and weight, this item does not qualify for free shipping. Additional freight charges will apply which will be invoiced separately before shipping. These charges are approximately $20.  Feel free to contact the store for an estimate to your location.