Djeco Arts & Crafts - Magic Plastic Sweet Treats


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The Djeco Magic Plastic range is an update on an old favourite "shrinkies" children's craft activity that you may remember as a child. Simply colour in the pre-cut shapes and pop them in the oven. After a couple of minutes they shrink to a seventh of their size. They will turn hard and you can then create an individual necklace, bracelet and a brooch all with a sweet treat theme. A creative jewellery kit that is a lovely activity to do together for makes an ideal birthday party gift for a girl. 

Suitable for 7-13 years

2 sheets of magic plastic

17 charms to colour

1x 60 cm metal necklace

25 metal links to hang the charm

2x chain clasp

1 brooch pin

Parent guidance needed

Not suitable for 0-3 yrs