Djeco Snow Snow

A cooperative game where snowmen are helped to cross the river on the ice. We place the 12 iceberg tiles on the 12 squares of the game board. The snowmen are assembled on the 4 squares of a bank. Each player in turn throws the die. Faces 2, 3, 4 and 5 allow to move snowman parts (1 point per movement). But if you hit the sun face, the ice melts and you have to remove an iceberg tile. All players win if all the snowmen cross the river. The game is very nice, we must organize the movements in space, count, cooperate, a success! Contents: 1 game board (35 x 35 cm - 4 pieces to assemble), 12 iceberg tiles, 4 snowmen in 3 parts (soft plastic and a little heavy, with elements in relief), 1 die, ruler.