Kids Made Modern Bits and Pieces Jewelry Kit

Our Bits and Pieces Jewelry Making Kit is inspired by the idea that a key part of creativity is turning the items around you into art. The eclectic set features a little of this and some of that – while not all traditional jewelry making supplies, with a little imagination, we think they’re perfect. The handy carrying case makes it easy to take your jewelry making supplies on the go. Carrying case: 8.2” long x 3.15” wide x 6.5” high Ages 6 and up 2 large plastic beads 23 plastic beads 8 wood rings 120 wood beads 110 wooden buttons 12 snowflake beads 5 long metal beads, 1 color 4 brass pipes 2 springs 4 pagoda springs 21 plastic buttons 4 elastic cords; 4 colors, 3m each 2 lobster clasps 1 clip; 45mm 1 hair clip; 59mm 2 clips; 3.2cm 2 beaded chains; 2 colors, 24” 2 chains; 8” 1 bell 1 key 1 photo locket 1 gold button w/gems; 25mm 2 needles 1 instruction sheet Carrying case with handle
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