Klutz Build Your Own Gotcha Gadgets


Some folks might be satisfied with a top-selling book that has launched loads of laughs. But not us! With 90,000 books in print, we discovered a few ways to make this amazing book even better. An improved circuit board design, better pranks, a couple more door hangers and gadget covers . . . and best of all, were doubling the number of sounds that are included in this gut-busting gadget.

Gotcha Gadgets is a scientific take on The Encyclopedia of Immaturity — a set of customizable electronic gizmos, along with a book of games, pranks, and jokes that make the most of them. Klutz-clear explanations of the electronic circuitry accompany step-by-step instructions for how to wire (and re-wire) your own door alarm, motion sensor, light sensor, and push-button device. For each gizmo, pick from a library of sounds: alarms, screams, sad trombones, and what we shall describe here as a "socially unacceptable gaseous release." Its like a science fair exhibit with the soul of a whoopee cushion.

The 16 different sound-and-gizmo combinations offer limitless opportunities for immature humour. Think of it: Thousands of scientists and engineers worked over the course of hundreds of years to develop the materials that come with this book — all so you can booby-trap your little brother's lunch bag. Isn't science wonderful?

Comes with: 32-page book of science and sneakiness, 1 electronics module with speaker, LED, photo detector, and contact switches, 1 alligator clip, 1 gadget dock and 4 double sided gadget covers.