Moulin Roty Petites Merveilles Wax Blocks


6 multi-colored wax blocks with one solid color side and one patterned color side. Ship in a displayer with 12 packs of wax blocks.

These 6 wax stones to draw Les Petites Merveilles by Moulin Roty, come with two sides: one plain with bright colors and the other with multicolored patterns. Twice as many choices for your child who will draw and create original works while developing his artistic sense and asserting his personality. These wax stones are easy to handle, from 3 years, and leave a mark whatever the orientation of the stone on the sheet. Drawing gives your child plenty of room for imagination; it is also a path to writing. The 6 wax stones are presented in a pretty cardboard box with various graphic patterns and colors and are easily erasable with a damp cloth.