NEST Bamboo LS Cozy Sleep Suit 2.5 Tog


Cooler weather calls for baby sleepsuits with mid to heavy materials worn as is or layered with a onesie without a blanket. When it gets cold, we don’t want to overheat a room or layer too many blankets on our little ones. That’s why the new long sleeve baby sleepsuits from the new Jungle Collection from Nested Bean are made with unique bamboo blend with wool and Sorona® filling may be the best choice for your child’s swaddle transition.

These particular sleepsuits have foot cuffs that are uniquely designed to fold over baby’s feet to keep them warm at night.

Suitable for fall or spring weather for standard room temperatures, the sleepsuit can be the source of a comfortable and uninterrupted night of rest.

Winter (2.5+ TOG): Just right for the coldest months of the year. Recommended if your house in on the chilly side, or the temperature outside is below 50F or 10C.


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