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Newborn Gown

$23.97 $39.95

Newborn Gown

Just like the grow with the shirt, the sleeves are long and can be folded back to fit for a long time. The loose cut allows comfort in movments. The hem with elastic to close the opening allows effective diaper change!

The Newborn Gown can be worn in a dress when the child is growing up.

Ultra soft and stretch fabric!

Composition: 66% rayon bamboo, 28% cotton, 6% spandex.

Care: Machine wash cold, hang to dry.

Lenght of the dress: 53cm / 21 ''.

Each gown is handmade in Montreal

What is Bamboo? It is a renewable natural fiber. Bamboo regenerates in 55 days. Needs very little irrigation and does not require any pesticides.