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Ostheimer Gosling Head High


This cute little wooden gosling is having a good try to honk as loudly as its mum and dad. Little ones love learning about animals, including the correct name for a baby goose. Can they honk like one?! This white gosling is 4cm high. Children will love making up stories that involve this gosling, as it discovers the farmyard and learns how to swim from its parents and brothers and sisters. Create a flock, gaggle or skein of geese by adding several to your collection. From adventures on the farmyard, to retelling classic nursery rhymes, this Waldorf gosling will be used in a variety of ways, encouraging your child to learn through play. Wood is an ideal material for animals, as the wood grain creates natural plumage underneath the non-toxic paint. Suitable for children over 3 years. Made from sustainable hard wood, painted with non-toxic water based paint and finished with organic oil. Height: 4cm