Squishable Ghost 15 In.

BOO! As a Ghost, I know you have certain expectations about me! OoooOOOOOooo... *cough* *cough*...I shouldn't have skipped my vocal warmups this morning. It's hard work being this spooky! I may be a ghostly spectre, but I take great pride in my work! Have you ever tried floating about the office, wailing and flailing for ten hours without a break? Not to mention my ghostly laundry bills; you try wearing all-white in a world of coffee stains and condiments! I haunted a hot-dog eating contest once, and I had to send this thing off of to the dry-cleaners for a week! Yes, ghosting isn't easy, but it's the hardest job you'll ever love. When you finally hit that perfect, clear F5 note when you're letting out a ghastly cry, it's all worth it! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off for a mixture of hot lemon tea and honey. An artist must protect their instrument! 15 squishy inches of BOO!