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SwimWays Submergency is an underwater hide-and-seek swimming pool game

Choose one of three depth settings - float, sink or suspend – then activate for other players to find

Emits sounds underwater to aid location. Once found, players press the button to de-activate

LED light flashes when the time runs out

A fun pool party game!

SwimWays Submergency is a unique underwater hide-and-seek dive game! Find and disarm Submergency before the time runs out and the LED lights flash. The leader sets the depth - float, sink or suspend - and watches as the other players try to find it before the time runs out! Listen and locate by following the signals you can hear underwater then press the button to stop the timer. The outer blue color helps to camouflage the toy from kids as they race to catch it, making the game even more challenging. A fun pool party game! Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Sold individually. For kids age 5 and older.