Tangle Night Nightball

Commence your soccer ball action anytime, anywhere! Bright green rubber glows with blue and green light whenever the ball is kicked, rolls along the ground, or flies through the air. It's the perfect ball for nighttime fun! Play in the driveway, at the park, even by the water. That's right - Water! This ball is completely water-proof and even floats! Its tough yet flexible rubber design is ideal for all kinds of play while fun colors and fascinating lights create a memorable soccer game experience. Get ready to play all twenty-four hours of the day with the Tangle Sportz Matrix NightBall Soccer ball. Tangled Sportz Matrix NightBall Soccer Rubber soccer ball with movement-activated light Encourages gross motor skills, outdoor exercise, social cooperation Lights make outdoor play more exciting for kids Lights up with blue and green light on impact and movement Great for playing at night Fully water-proof - It even floats Fun flexible rubber design with cool neon-green color Includes one soccer ball Exceptionally long-lasting batteries included - Non-replaceable LED lights long-lasting for enduring enjoyment Measures a diameter of 6.5 inches Durable construction with strong materials