The Doidy Cup Green

Doidy Cups make drinking easier for children with special needs because: ▪ the adjustable handles are easy to hold ▪ bright colours attract and keep attention ▪ the slanted design allows the child to see what they are drinking without having to move their head upwards or downwards ▪ the slanted design makes the Doidy easy to place on a table or flat surface ▪ the child using the Doidy remains in control, even if they are being assisted to drink. This is because the curved rim of the cup allows them to open and shut their mouth to control the flow of liquid, unlike a sippy cup Benefits of using a Doidy Cup for special needs children include: ▪ develop and allow independence when drinking ▪ develop tongue and jaw muscles, assisting with chewing and speech skills development ▪ hygienic – can be sterilized ▪ easy to control ▪ reduced spills ▪ adjustable handles ▪ long lasting