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The Hugasaurus by Rachel Bright SC


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A lighthearted celebration of friendship and kindness from the bestselling creators of The Worrysaurus.

One sunny morning, a happy little Hugasaurus waves goodbye to her Pappysaur and sets of into the world on her own for the very first time. When she finds a playground, some new friends welcome her to their games. But it isn't long before the other little dinosaurs start to squabble.

Can Hugasaurus bring her new friends back together using the magical power of kindness?

A joyful celebration of kindness and its potential to change the world from Rachel Bright, the bestselling author of The Lion Inside and Love Monster. Chris Chatterton's charming illustrations will draw readers. The Hugasaurus is sure to become a storytime favorite!

Reading age 4 - 6 years

Print length 32 pages