Almost all babies get diaper rash. Its very difficult to avoid. And no matter how much you prepare, its never fun to see a rash on your little one. There are certainly steps that you can take to help reduce the chances. 1. Make sure that you don't leave your baby in a wet or dirty diaper for a prolonger period 2. Keep your eyes on areas where the diaper maybe rubbing. 3. Some brands of diapers have potential for more irritants. 4. Take preventative steps, like applying diaper rash. Click on the Use & Care tab for tips! From being the first company to produce a 100% BPA free baby bottle to our award-winning sun care line, Thinkbaby has a long history of building safe, non-toxic productts for babies to athletes (Thinksport). Our mineral based diaper rash furthers our movement into baby body care with an ingredient list made up of natural and organic ingredients (see Ingredients tab for entire listing). During our process of designing products, we search and select based on ingredients which pose the least potential for allergenic response or biological harm. This doesn't mean we advocate anyone eating the diaper rash. On that note, please make sure to keep all body care products out of reach of children.
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