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Tiny Cottons Tiny Pomme Sweatshirt

$67.50 $90.00

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the bad mood away!

TINY Pomme print on a dusty yellow base sweatshirt. It comes with long sleeves, a round neckline and ribbed trim on the neck and hem. Made with organic cotton towel fabric to ensure an earth friendly product and to provide maximum comfort.

Made in Portugal.
The model is 130 cm tall and wearing a size 8Y.

Organic cotton is a natural fiber which is renewable and biodegradable. It ensures to reduce the environmental impacts at every step of cotton production, as it eliminates the use of pesticides and fertilizers, organic cotton prevents contamination of groundwater, thus making drinking water clean and safe. It has been found that the impact of water pollution of organic cotton is 98% less compared to the conventional cotton production.

100% Organic Cotton