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Turducles Turdpedo, 2oz


When it comes to delivering a destructively potent payload, we, men, remain steadfast to our doodie. We stand ready to detonate a calamitous cacophony which sleeps silently within the steel-belly of our floating fortress. With the push of a button, we summon rains of molten metal, fire, and water. With Turdcules’ Turdpedo Toilet Elixir, you’ll sit proudly at your battle station surrounded by the sweet smells of Sunburns and Victory.

PRODUCT DETAILS Turdcules Turdpedo Toilet Elixir Smells like Sunburns & Victory Really smells like grapefruit, lime, motor oil and explosions 100+ Uses per 2 FL/OZ Bottle SEPTIC-SAFE Proudly Made in the USA