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Velvet Turban

$35.00 $50.00

Velvet. This English word means all types of fabrics associated with elegance and luxury from the earliest times. In French, velor emphasizes the silky softness of this unique material. It most likely reached Europe from the Far East via the famous Silk Roads and became a permanent fixture in great fashion. He immediately won the hearts of all #luksgirls and became the undisputed favorite of the fall-winter period.

Both artificial and natural fibers are used for the production of velor - of course, we focus on ecology! Looks by Luks products from the Velvet line are made of a soft material with the graceful name Nicky, a cotton blend that breathes, is pleasant to the touch and holds the shape well and a bit of polyester that provides stretch. The appropriate thickness of the fabric provides the best protection against wind and cold, so it's hard to find a better choice for unpredictable weather.

Its versatility makes it successfully used in the furniture industry, in interior design, for sewing jewelery packaging and even ... plush toys! Velor clothing looks just as great - forget about the infamous pink tracksuits from the 90s and give it a chance to show off its truly elegant nature. Choose among the beautiful, deep colors available in our store that will perfectly complement each look and add a glamor element to your stylizations.

Fashion for velor returns almost every season, so it's time to disenchant the "salon" fame of the fabric and surround yourself with its magic every day!

Turban made of thick material: cotton velor.

Provides the best protection for winter.

Composition: 81% cotton, 19% polyester

The turban color in the photos may vary depending on the type of screen and monitor.

Wash only by hand at 30 degrees. Spread the dry flat.

Play with the frill at the front and arrange it as desired. If you need to change the turban depth, untie the bow on the back and tie it again lighter or tighter.