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Janod Eco Balancing Game


The balance of the ecosystem is fragile in the forest, a small disruption and everything changes! Let's explain the importance of each species with this wooden balancing game! How charming are all these animals in their favorite environment! But to live in harmony, everyone must be in their place in their ecosystem. Under the ground, in the base, we find the worms and the leaves, then on the surface on the plate, we install 12 animals but without making them fall! This game represents our ecosystem, placed on a pendulum, it recalls the balance between each plant and animal species that surrounds us. This game is ideal for developing the dexterity of children from 2 years old while making them aware of the importance of each living being. The characters in this game balance are adorable and the colors very soft! FSC® certified wooden toy (wood from sustainably managed forests). Toy developed in collaboration with WWF®. Janod supports WWF® efforts to protect the environment and biodiversity with a range of toys made from more sustainable materials. Through this range, we aim to inspire and empower the younger generation to stand up for wildlife and nature.

Product info 

Dimensions 17.8 x 17.8 x 11.2cm

MatterWood (linden and plywood)