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Abel Mini Blocks, 36 pcs

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Be surprised about how open ended toys can be. Take Abel's 36 minis out of the box and they will change from a mandala to a marble run to a castle. The Abel blocks mini provide a moment of mindfulness, creativity and sometimes a serious challenge. Combining Abel minis with your other toys makes them even more versatile. This set is challenging and yet very clear and understandable.

The Abel blocks mini are the little siblings of the Abel blocks. Two minis are as long and as high as a large block. (mini size: 12.5cm x 2.4cm)

As soon as you see the minis you want to touch them, and once you’ve touched them you just want to keep playing. They are irresistibly fun! Play with the minis on the table, on the floor or outside. Easily take Abel minis with you everywhere. Wherever you play and whatever you create with it, the elegant shape and the natural beechwood makes everything look so beautiful.

The Abel blocks mini can be perfectly combined with the large blocks, Grapat and other open ended toys.