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Bear Bonnet


Bear Bonnets are handmade to order from our very talented team of women. 

We love that each item has been made by only one artisan from the very start to the very finish while empowering extremely talented women to work independently. They no longer need to leave children behind to  work in a factory environment which are often located inside the cities.   

Our wildling bonnets feature ribbon tie closure and are lined with the softest short pile faux to keep them snuggly and warm. You will keep this item for many years and create many memories before handing across or down this heirloom piece. 

Encourage active imaginations with kids clothes and baby clothing that inspires creativity and fun. Here at Wolf & the Wildling we want our pieces to be worn daily, not confined to a dress-up box. Sparking joy within both children and adults, our whimsical designs will be cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

This product is made Faux Fur