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Engel Hooded Overall With Buttons and Cuffs


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material: 100% virgin wool

Soft and gorgeous little fleece snuggle suits for the smallest babies and the moving toddler. Extra thick and luxurious fleece. 

The two smallest sizes have a fold over foot and mitten, the bigger sizes have cuffs to stop it from falling over their feet as they start moving. 

Engel is one of the original champions of untreated organic merino wool clothes. The wool comes from Merino sheep kept in their natural environment, organically farmed and therefore living a healthy and stress-free life. The usage of pesticides is forbidden both on pastures and on animals. All of Engel’s products are organic (GOTS certfied) and produced in Germany. All the dyestuffs used are free from heavy metals and free from harmful AZO-dyes.