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Tea Goodnight Pajama Set


Let's be honest: PJs are what your kiddo lives in most. That's why we put such care into designing the perfect pajama set with dreamy prints and fabric that couldn't be softer. Plus, they're super versatile--mix and match tops and bottoms, or pair bottoms with tees and tank tops. Crafted of 100% cotton rib, our pajamas keep their color and only get cozier wash after wash.

* For child’s safety, garment should fit snugly
* Top: Thigh length
* Bottom: Full length
* Crew neckline
* Long sleeve
* Slim fit conforms to 16 CFR 1615/ 1616, US Dimensional Restrictions for Children’s Sleepwear
* Slim fit conforms to Canada Dimensional Restrictions for Pajamas
* 100% cotton rib, brushed interior for extra softness
* Machine wash
* Imported