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Maileg FAQ

Have a question about Maileg? Check out our Maileg FAQs. 

We certainly do! Take a look at our Maileg sizing guide where we explain the sizes of Maileg mice, bunnies, rabbits and furniture.

We certainly do! Check out our Guide to Maileg Bed Sizes to help you choose the best bed, cradle or cot for your doll's house.


Maileg offers such a huge range of products, but usually customers start with the mice. Maileg mouse in the matchbox was one of the first products created and still has an enduring presence. Kids love to put the mice to sleep in their matchbox beds. As your collection grows, you can add more mice as friends or family members and add a bed, kitchen or dining room for ultimate play value!

Maileg categorise their mice and smaller rabbits into two sizes: My and Micro.

'My' refers to My rabbits and baby mice, such as sleepy/wakey mice, twins and triplets.

'Micro' is the name given to the size of brother and sister mice and the Micro rabbits and bunnies.

Furniture and accessories are also categorised into My and Micro sizes. (However there is also a larger size of furniture that is suitable for Size 1 bunnies/rabbits and the Teddy family.)

Some pieces of furniture come in both My and Micro sizes. This includes playpens, high chairs and baby bouncers. For example, there is a My sized playpen (suitable for baby mice and My rabbits) and a Micro sized playpen (suitable for brother and sister mice and Micro rabbits).

Maileg is pronounced My-Lye (to rhyme with sky or pie).

Maileg constantly updates their collection adding new features and clothing. As new items are added, older collections are retired. For example, this year Maileg introduced a new version of the dollhouse with wallpapered walls and retired the original dollhouse.


Maileg test their toys by two standards, EN-71 (Europe) and ASTM 963 (USA).

Generally, Maileg mice, furniture and accessories are suitable from age 3. 

Some of the soft toys such as the rattles or panda are suitable for infants.