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Astrolight Sunset - Orange


Enhance your home with our Astrolight lamp that will bring you the feeling of a warm and romantic sunset.

In your living room, your bedroom or your children's room, you will be in the front row to admire and enjoy this warm and relaxing light. It will fit perfectly in your home.  

The head of our lamp has a 180° rotation allowing you to direct it towards the wall/angle of your choice and to give it the shape you want for an even more realistic effect.

Small, light and easy to carry, to take with you wherever you go. For all space lovers. Let our little Astro make you travel and fall asleep.  This lamp works with a battery, which makes the product nomadic.

Any time of the day or night, in any room, create your own sunset or rainbow!

Highly recommended for children's rooms as a space night light.