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Brio Pull Back F1 Racer


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Speed off the line with the 30308 Large Pull Back Race Car. Simply drag the toy car back, let it go and watch it drive away with some real speed. This pull back toy takes design inspiration from our classic BRIO Race Car and is great fun for toddlers learning to crawl and walk. Made from a combination of durable materials like FSC-certified European beech wood and high-quality plastics.

About BRIO Toddler Toys: Each of our toddler toys are designed to support young children’s development in a playful way. They’re made in strong materials that can withstand tough handling and include age-appropriate features to increase play value and developmental qualities. And our clean and simple Scandinavian design makes for toys that will last generations and look great in your home.

Width (mm)116
Depth (mm)210
Height (mm)80

Battery neededNo