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Minikane Gordis Baby 34cm - Yzé with Sleepy Eyes


Here are the sleepy-eyed dolls from Minikane! Lay the doll down and her eyes will close. Kids will love watching their baby fall asleep!

Minikane is a French distributor and designer, they have created their own line of dolls which are manufactured in Spain by Paola Reina. They have a sweet smell of vanilla!

Minikane also offers a wonderful selection of clothes and accessories for dolls.

Your children will adore their baby, they will be able to walk them, cuddle them and give them kisses

The doll promotes role play, both in boys and girls.

The doll is approximately 37 cm tall.

The dolls are sexed, for more realism in learning the parts of the human body.

Recommended for ages 3+

Made in Spain.