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Lite Brite Touch


  • LITE-BRITE REIMAGINED Lite-Brite your life in a whole new way with the NEW Lite-Brite Touch! An exciting new take on the classic favorite toy, you can now create beautiful art without the pegs - press the buttons instead!
  • CATCH THE LIGHT! The Lite-Brite Touch comes with fun, interactive games as you build your light art. Press the buttons as they flash to "catch the light" and keep it lit. The more you you catch, the more your finished design will be revealed!
  • 2-PLAYER COLOR BATTLE Take your light art to the next level with 1-layer color battles! The board will light up with lots of random colors on each side. Press the buttons on your side to until your whole side is one solid color. Finish your side of the board before the other player to win!