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Mini Classics Slippers


Beautiful little hand-crocheted slippers, made with soft 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable Peruvian sheep and alpaca wool. Their soles, on the other hand, are made from genuine leather scraps lined with sheepskin. Not only are these little slippers adorable, they're also non-slip for little feet learning to walk, in addition to holding very well in place thanks to a small cotton cord at the ankle.

New wool in the exclusive color Les Petits Tousi is made of 90% sheep and 10% Peruvian alpaca.

Moreover, the natural wool always selected with care keeps the feet warm during the winter - while breathing very well - making them perfect for all seasons!

All our products are handmade in Quebec, by mothers and women of all ages! 

N.B. As these slippers have been knitted with high quality natural wool, it is normal for them to foam up after a few uses. In time, it will completely go away. If not, you can easily use a small clothes razor and they'll be like new again!

Colors may differ slightly.