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Moka Toutou Mocha - Musical Bear


Through its soft classical music, composed and recorded in Montreal, Moka is the ideal companion to help your children fall asleep and to comfort them. Transport them into a soft and soothing universe thanks to the rich sounds of the violin, the cello and the piano. A symbolic teddy bear they will keep forever.

The music

  • Includes 3 original lullabies
  • Length of songs: 60 sec, 104 sec and 108 sec (they play 1x each and stop automatically afterwards. ~ New October 2020)
  • Operation: Weigh 1x on his belly to play the 3 lullabies. Weigh 2x in a row to go to the next song. Weigh 1x to stop.
  • Original compositions written, performed and recorded in Montreal by Stéphanie and Geneviève of the Orphée Quartet(Piano-violin-cello)
  • You can adjust the volume using the wheel on the side of the mechanism. 
  • Batteries included: 3x AAA Alkaline LR03 1.5v (do not use rechargeable batteries)
  • It is recommended that the mechanism be turned off between uses to preserve battery life.
    • ASTM F963 Certification (Consumer Safety Certification - Safety of Toys: Newborns and +)
    • Machine washable on a delicate cycle, removing the music mechanism

    Nb: AAA batteries of all brands have a life of about 10-15 hours of listening. When the music starts to fade and/or cuts out before the end, this is an indicator that the batteries need to be changed.