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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Starter Kit with Spray Bottle & 2 Tablet


The CHANGE multipurpose starter kit is perfect way to start your plastic-free cleaning journey. The starter kits comes with a long-lasting spray bottle and two multipurpose concentrated tablets to get you started. 

Each tablet makes 300ml of cleaning solution. 

The tablets are concentrated cleaning solution. By adding warm water the tablet dissolves and creates the cleaning product. The spray bottle can be used over and over - no more disposable plastic cleaning bottles. No more plastic waste. As the tablets are lightweight, the carbon footprint in the distribution and production of the product is greatly reduced. 

All change products are ethical and cruelty free. No animals have been harmed in the production of CHANGE - only germs.

The Multi-purpose cleaner is effective in removing grease and grime in the kitchen and bathroom.

Product Features

  • Quickly dissolves and removes odours with the power of effervescent technology.
  • Multi-Purpose cleaning tablet that cuts through grease, kills germs and bacteria.
  • Powerful formula removes grease and grime with ease
  • Each tablet makes 300ml of cleaning solution.
  • Ammonia and Chlorine free
  • Minimal plastic packaging