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Pantolino Game


Centipedes want to be as long as possible to stand out from their fellow 'pedes and in Pantolino players can help them grow and grow – but only if they have shoes to place on the centipede feet.

At the start of the game, each player takes a centipede "head" tile, while the feet tiles are placed in the center of the table. On a turn, the active player rolls all four dice, sets aside any he wishes, then rerolls up to two more times, with the option of rerolling dice set aside after the first throw. After his third roll (or earlier, if he wishes), he can take any one foot tile for which he has matching symbols on the dice (with suns counting as a wild symbol) and add it to his centipede

The game ends after all the feet tiles have been claimed, and the player with the longest centipede wins. The rules include a variant for older players in which you can steal shoes from an opponent.