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Sarahs Silk Holiday Playsilk - Wintergreen


Gorgeous, soothing tones in lovely winter-themed colors.

Holiday Playsilk Set includes:

  • Gooseberry Playsilk, Wintergreen Playsilk, Midnight Playsilk, and Mulberry Playsilk
  • In lightweight, 100% pure mulberry silk
  • Playsilks measure 35 inches by 35 inches

The most versatile toy you can give a child, Playsilks help unlock the incredible creative potential inside of children.

Children will make costumes like capes, skirts, pants, hats, veils, animal tails, and more. The next day the same Playsilks become green grass, blue water, or a rainbow in the sky of a pretend play scene. Many children create clothes or a carrier for their favorite stuffed animals and dolls. They can be used to build forts with sofa cushions, a puppet show curtain, magic tricks, and much more!

"I've seen first hand how my girls enjoy your silks along with everyone we know in our Waldorf community!" ~Kirsten Rickert, Magnesium Blue

"My own children enjoyed your Playsilks and now my grandkids and I play with them!" ~Peggy O'Mara founder Mothering Magazine