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Waytoplay Circuit Paul Ricard


The Circuit Paul Ricard Race Track is a special racing set and a great collaboration with the amazing circuit of the south of France! With this high-quality race track set consisting of 24 flexible road parts, young racing drivers can recreate the Circuit Paul Ricard or invent their own circuit and race!

Bring the race excitement to your home when the countdown starts, amazing pit stops, and daring takeovers on the 24 specially printed road segments that offer maximum racing fun - and are fully compatible with other waytoplay sets. Circuit Paul Ricard is a specialty racing set, great for those who want to build their own creative racetrack and speed their way to creative play.

Flexible and durable toy circuit, length 420 cm. Includes: 12 curves and 12 straights, printed on both sides Special ‘Grand Prix’ markings (Curbstones, Start Finish, Pitlane). Can be used inside or outside and encourage imaginative play.