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World Wall Chart


Take a trip around the world and discover its secrets! Use your Waypoint Geographic/Round World Products Blue Ocean World Chart to tour the countries of the world. Simply tap countries to start learning about its government, economy, culture, and more!

Explore World Features:
– Audio of proper pronunciation for each country and capital.
– Inspect and play with a 3D model of the country with major cities and rivers marked.
– Country emblem, animated 3D flag, and national anthem.
– Government data, including political heads, government type, legislature, and more.
– Economic data, including GDP, sample currency, import/exports, and more.
– Cultural data, including sample cuisine and population by ethnicity, languages spoken, and religion.
– Explore in 4D Augmented Reality with the chart.

Once you have received your item, click on the following link with your device to view and download the app. Only available for Android, iPhone & iPad devices.

32 x 51.5 inches, laminated